Thursday , January 20 2022

VIDEO: Cavan Barber streams Tina Turner inside their hilarious singles.


The weather outside may not be the best not to disturb Cavan's Jackie & # 39; s Barber mood.

The staff sang the old classics in favor of Rock & Roll queen Tina Turner.

Jackie, one of the barbers, decided to make a firm relationship with both his internal customer Turner and Channel Emmet.

The result is a video crack.

Credit: Jackie's Barber

After seeing her movements, I think it's safe to say that Jackie has embarked on an infamous musical legend through the murderer's movements.

The response to the clip was enormous, but one of the video stars is a bit embarrassing for all the attention.

"I laughed and I can not get any worse at this stage," Jackie said.

Tina Turner's proud Mary is a sure dance floor, especially at the wedding.

Amy O & # 39; Reilly decided to show off her amazing dance moves on her big day at Athlone early this year.

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