Thursday , June 17 2021

Underestimated Glenn Whelan, Final Action Decision

Ten years after Giovanni Trapattoni debuted today, Glenn Whelan sets off from an international stage of gratitude. He has only real regrets that he had to play several times in his own country. Quickly.

"Every time I came in, I tried to make the most of it," he said at a press conference yesterday. "I have been telling the manager how thankful you are for not coming here in the last 12 months. You miss that time with the young people, but I am really grateful that I can play and play on Thursday."

He has not retired, and he does not resent the fact that the manager essentially works for him. "I will never choose when I come to Ireland and when I play, I will never choose when I do not play, the boss is trying to recruit a new player and I am happier than that, I know he will be able to do this. "

Long before he stopped playing the media long before O'Neill did not bring him regularly, he was rarely seen before Whelan's media. At the age of 34, he was angry at the criticism of his criticism, and more specifically, it seemed that Eminent Duffy had consistently cracked him.

In 2013, he described RTÉ scholars as "harassing", comparing his career record and accomplishments for a long time, inviting former Millwall athletes to face each other.

The story felt that the rest of the press had to come out and defend. He was easy to approach and friendly before, but when he did not get up he stopped and now simply says "I want to get away."

"I like football when I'm 15 years old and everyone is excited about you, but there's definitely another side, it's part of the job, it's a package, and I understand, but I do not know what kind of stuff I thought.

"I grew up in my background and there was something written about the car I was driving (Ferrari) and I did not drive it. I am a football player but I think it is a normal player who is out of the pitch.

"I have two children and now there is stuff online, so from a personal point of view, I decided to keep it away and let others tell me.

"When I came in, I wanted to impress the boss, Roy, and my teammates. That side did not worry me."

His style of play made him a definite goal, especially for those who would like to criticize him under Giovanni Trapattoni, but his statistics tended to support his manager's beliefs at club and international levels.

O'Neill (O'Neill) finally decided that he was the best and eventually discouraged him. There may still be people who do not agree. But no one can question his doubts about the cause, and now he has a clear and outdated appeal to it.

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