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Twice the trouble of 12th player


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All Blacks star Ben Smith missed eight tests last season.

Opinion: One of the disadvantages of All Blacks for Sony Bill Williams is the impact on Ryan Crotty.

Crotty, pushed by the No. 13 jersey, was burdened with a "solid" label that All Blacks midfielders did not want.

It is also strong in No 12 uniforms. As in No 13, I make no mistake.

But as his grades against England show, he is more than that.

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Crotty was a serious threat to England.

He scrambled to power Damian McKenzie's attempt, and he played a key role in two breakout games in the second half.

This is not surprising to the Crusaders. His 12th intelligent line of execution has been an important factor for them over the years.

He is attacked in the 9th strike and is a person who immediately attacks or clears.

I think that person is enjoying that responsibility. He likes to work in narrower spaces, cut inside and touch.

He also underestimated the force – he can not be much less than 100kg. And the speed certainly exceeds 10m-20.

The fact that he was underestimated in this field tells us how we see the player.

When the player says he's smart, does he unconsciously suggest that he is not physically strong?

It does not apply to Crotty. He is tough and has a relatively low center of gravity.

Ben Teo was regarded as a big – time operator in Twickenham, but it was Crotty that his team could move forward.

Likewise, we think of Ngani Laumape as a "physical" player, but we need the skill and vision to kick back and recall the touch line, stimulating the tactile sensation just as Laumape did against Japan.

Of course, Crotty does everything well.

He is a great defender, well communicating and playing a lovely cross-field game.

He also has a wonderful tip to open up the best of the people around him.

Richie Mo and Jack Goodhue are some of the obvious examples here, but in 2016, Beauden Barrett and Anton-Lienert Brown are thriving from All Blacks to Crotty.

But describing him unconsciously shows that All Black can be the No 12 power you want from an attack point of view.

Did he do that in Twickenham? Obviously he did.

Crotty 's acting complicates the conversation about Williams' future.

Already we have seen Laumape hold his claim against Japan. But All Blacks has a clear squat sequence. They value Williams.

But if they are persuaded by sticking to Williams in No 12 in the future, they will simultaneously show where the team's overall value is best.

Here is Crotty's chance for Ireland in Dublin.

It's a tough challenge. Ireland uses Bundee Aki extensively to make nearly the fourth looser advance and overcomes the advantage of being closer to propaganda.

The role – and the effect of Aki – means that Crotty will be judged by the ability to do the same.

But if it succeeds, you have to end the year considered All Blacks No 12.

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