Tuesday , May 30 2023

The New Testament can save children dying from peanuts in a violent reaction.


The threat of children dying from violent reactions to peanuts can be eliminated through a "game changer" treatment developed by Irish and five-nation scientists.

More than two-thirds of children who have tried new immunotherapy now eat peanuts safely, according to an authoritative study New England Medical Journal.

Derived from peanut flour, AR101 reduces sensitivity to people with peanut allergies. More than 30 Irish children participated in a two-year trial, but this is the largest yet.

In this study, 67% of children taking AR101 capsules were able to consume the final "dose" for 4 peanuts.

According to Jonathan Hourihane, professor at the Infant Center at University College Cork, even children who remain in sensitive conditions have greatly diminished their response, and adrenaline, the most common treatment for anaphylactic shock, Should be rarely used.

"This is a game changer," said Hourihane, who led the global clinical trials in Ireland, "Life is changing for people who are anaphylactic or have serious reactions."

"This treatment now guarantees the safety of parents, children and adults in communities that have never had a peanut allergy."

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