Saturday , June 3 2023

Snapchat, Bitmoji Stories and Bitmoji Merch – Adweek


Snapchat released two new features and a new e-commerce initiative Tuesday morning.

The messaging application introduced a social network profile that includes all the content (images, videos, messages, links, and so on) that a user has saved with a friend or group of friends in a conversation in one place.

If a user chooses to share their location, their map snap location is included in their friends' profiles.

Friendship Profiles can be approached by tapping their friends' Bitmoji, Snap Inc. said the feature will slowly roll out over the next few weeks.

Snap's spokesman said that without showing publicly on Friendship Profiles, he personally showed the relationship and explained how friendships can easily find highlights, favorite memories and important information.

About Bitmojis, which begins on Wednesday (November 14), Snapchatters will see Bitmoji Stories, a comic book comic starring his Bitmojis and friends.

New episodes are only available in English in the Snapchat's Discover feed every week.

Finally, Snapchat reveals that on Thursday (Nov. 15) US iOS users can purchase gifts such as t-shirts, mugs, shower curtains and phone cases featuring Bitmoji or Friendmoji. Bitmoji combines two Bitmojis into one image.

Bitmoji Merch is available through the Snap Store in your app's Settings menu.


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