Thursday , January 20 2022

Search drug dealers using Facebook and Instagram AI


Facebook and Instagram have begun to detect drug dealers who want to sell on social networks with the help of artificial intelligence.

On both platforms, you use proactive detection technology to find signs that someone is trying to sell drugs, such as images, along with the price, phone number, or username of your social media account.

"This technology automatically captures more posts so our team can use expertise to investigate accounts, pages, groups, and hashtags, and work with experts to identify next trends." Kevin Martin, Public Policy Vice president of US at Facebook said.

We want to make it easier to find important resources for treatment.

The move was held under the theme of Tech Together to Opayid Crisis as part of a joint initiative between Facebook, Google and Twitter. The opioid crisis aims to help people suffering from addiction in the United States as the opioid crisis deepens.

The University of Alabama's Computer Lawnsic Research Lab, in partnership with the company, flags content and improves understanding of the tactics that bad actors use to hide activities such as new street names for drugs.

(Yui Mok / PA)

"I want to make it easy to find important resources for treatment," Martin said.

"When people search for information on opioids on Facebook and Instagram, they provide free and confidential treatment and education through the Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Bureau's National Helpline Information page and other resources.

"We have made the helpline available to messengers as we prepare for partnerships for drug-free children, and we have been able to contact more than 1,000 families who can help us this year."

– The Press Association

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