Sunday , January 16 2022

Pubs that eat seven pints each day The landlord changes the six-pack beer ship every day.


The owner of the bar was able to change the beer ship in 6 packs in 10 months. And he eats a full english breakfast every morning.

Adam Joy drank 50 pints a week for a late night drinking session but always started the day with cheese and sausage rolls.

However, a 41 year old young man is a new person after losing a whopping 13 cents stones and chose to run an early morning with a personal trainer.

Two dads at Dartford, Dentford, suffered from hypertension last year and began to lose weight after suffering to climb the stairs.

"I could not go up the stairs, even at Twickenham, I could not go up to the next level to see the game."

Adam stopped the late night drinking session.

Adam drank 50 pints a week.

Serena has decided to contact her local Slimming World Center and has set a goal to get a well-defined 6 pack by New Year's Eve.

"I'm still enjoying myself," he says, "I drink jean, I'm thin, I eat a bubbly cooked breakfast.

"The message I want to convey to people is that the epidemic has not changed weight, it's about long-term strategy.

"I'm going to the gym three or four times where I now weighed four times a week and weighed."

Adam Joy changed Stella to gin.

Adam has now become a part-time weight loss consultant.

Adam now combines a high protein meal and a low fat meal with a long walk with the puppy, reducing the waist circumference by six inches.

His morning routine now consists of a full English grill, and ends the day with protein milk shakes and fruit.

The new lifestyle rubs on the family, working as Adam's chief chef for his family and 47-year-old wife, Carol-Ann.

Adam starts the day with a jump.

With his weight loss success he won the Slimming World Man of the Year competition and became a fat mentor in Bexley, southeastern London.

His Pub – Bird in Hand – operates a healthy curry night featuring 14 different 'gin' options.

"I have lost 11 stones for the first time in seven months because I have not done any additional exercise, it's about starting food.

"I would like to say that no one on this trip should desperately give up on being a person you want to be."

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