Saturday , February 4 2023

President Higgins inaugurated today


President Michael D Higgins takes office this evening as President of Ireland.

Two weeks have passed since President Higgins was re-elected to Aras, and he will begin his second term tonight.

The Constitution says the president takes office the day after his term ends.

This year, however, the date of the inauguration was in line with the 100th anniversary of World War I, and President Higgins called on all those who would like to attend to celebrate the Armistice Day.

As a result, the inauguration will be held at St. Patrick Hall in Dublin Castle from 6 pm.

President Higgins is the ninth president of Ireland and the fifth country in his second term.

He got 56% of the vote and was re-elected for the second term. This was the first ballot to receive the most votes in the Irish presidential election.

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