Wednesday , March 29 2023

Piers Morgan 's accusation against Alex Beresford of the weather agency is to give viewers a simple rude & # 39;


Brian Morgan and Alex Beresford were hit on their respective reality TV appearances at Good Morning Britain.

Speaker and weather observers collided before on the breakfast show, but on Wednesday morning Pierce cruelly interfered with Alex on the screen.

After getting support for poor golf, Pierce took fifth place in Ice Dancing, mocking Alex, the weather forecaster.

"The problem is that we do not let them go out and this reality shows that they never win, and when they come back we get everything," the organizer said.

But when Alex stepped back, he dropped him and said: "Wait, the main desk is talking."

He was proud of winning the 2007 Celebrity Apprentice USA. He is currently the winner of US President Donald Trump.

Alex expressed his position and said, "It was the same as in 1902. What did you do recently?"

Pierce said, "I will never improve, I will never win, I am in fifth place, I can not even remember the names of those who beat you.

"And now you're acting like James Bond."

He mocked Alex 's weather posture.

It was in an episode where Alex stopped and searched in the context of a discussion about knife crime and released his experience on racial profiling.

Some viewers on Twitter were not too impressed with Piers' antics.

@ JbJoanna1971 Wrote: "OMG @ Pierce Morgan @ GMB I would have fired the nearest heavy object to you !!!

"Calm down, do not let me down, Apprentice USA win! Do not underestimate anyone for your entertainment like you did again!"

@ Shar Luis "I do not know the boundaries between jokes and rudeness, and he really thinks he does something, and he likes to make people look good by letting them down," he added.

Alex certainly did not take it seriously. Smiling on Twitter: "I swear he's my most ardent fan!" Even though he added: "I might throw him my weather clicker …"

* Good Morning Britain, broadcast at 6 am ITV Weekdays

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