Sunday , April 18 2021

Outriders Online failure hinders successful launch

While Outriders has been fairly popular since its launch earlier this week, many players have reported server issues hampering the experience. To resolve these issues, Outriders’ servers are short-lived to “restore it to a healthy and stable state.”
Twitter account of Outriders has been very transparent and communicative about these server issues, and their latest Tweet confirmed that the team is about to do the “mother of all turn-it-off-and-on-again”.

“We are about to do the mother of all turn-it-off-and-on agains. This will slow down all servers for a short time. The full downage will allow us to rebuild and repair server infrastructure to make it to bring back to a healthy and stable state. “
Outriders Twitter shared earlier that they do not seek to simply resolve symptoms, but want to ensure that it “can protect against such problems in the future and therefore seek root causes.”

People can fly also shared an apology to all Outriders players, saying that Square Enix is ​​doing everything to “limit ASAP.”

“Dear Outriders, we are, unfortunately, fully aware of the breakdown of servers you are currently experiencing,” wrote People Can Fly studio head Sebastian Wojciechowski. “Our partners at Square Enix are trying to limit it ASAP. As developers, who have worked super hard over the last 5 years to make this game great, we really hope you will judge the game instead of those issues for kids. server problems.It’s frustrating for you and it’s frustrating for us.

“We really appreciate your great interest in Outriders and we hope to see you all on Enoch soon. Sorry for your inconvenience.”Outriders has seen an enormous player base since its launch on April 1st, with showing a huge peak of 109,553 players. This is an impressive number, especially considering the fact that Outriders is available at no extra cost to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

In our evaluation of Outriders in action, we said, “I’m now about six hours past where I left off a month ago, and I still really enjoy his grim combination of gunplay and superpowers. The balanced adjustments made since the demo have made larger encounters a little more challenging to get through solo, though the ever-increasing variety of weapons, forces, and gear allows for many strategic adjustments and experiments to get over these hurdles. “

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