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Online video on prostate cancer is a risk for patients.


Stock Image: Getty
Stock Image: Getty

Online video programs that form medical information about prostate cancer, can have a potential health risk for patients, scientists have warned.

Many people turn to the Internet to search for more details about health problems, with YouTube a popular destination.

But research found that 77pc of 150 most visited videos on & # 39; s; the site contains malicious defective or broken content in both the video or its commentary. The study by the New York University School of Medicine and its Perlmutter Cancer Center said that three fourth videos suggested the benefits of some treatments, but as he went half enough detail about the Potential shock and side effects.

"Our research shows that people need to be real of many YouTube videos on prostate cancer," said urologist Stacy Loeb, who published the findings in European urology.

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