Saturday , September 24 2022

Newbridge Tidy Towns proposes 20 million euro urban recycling offer for town


The Newbridge Tidy Towns Association welcomes the recently announced 20 million euro Newbridge development plan.

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Urban Renaissance and Funding The funding application for the Kildare County Council in accordance with 2018 was completed by the creation of Town Square, George's Square and Market Square Suggest some major projects for the town center, including the reproduction of the town center.

In addition to this public area enhancement, the Association welcomes plans to redevelop the Kildare County Library building, which will further contribute to the creation of cultural and civic areas for the village.

The Newbridge Tidy Towns Association believes that this development will soon lead to Kildare GAA's St. Louis. We believe it will be a perfect complement to our expansion plans to be launched at Conleth & Park and Riverbank Arts Center.

"Newbridge has cried out over the years for an important investment of this nature, and if it does happen, it will actively change the town center for residents and visitors, and help a lot in improving the business and commercial opportunities in the town center area. It will be. " Evonne Boland said.

"If this funding is successful, we will further strengthen the expected improvements to the city in the proposed NTA transportation plan, and we will be fully involved in the public consultation process, which we expect to see positive results."

The association requires Public Representatives and Business Sectors to support the concept that will lead to Newbridge's public sector improvement.

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