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Mourinho explains why he won water flow in Man Utd


Date posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2018 8:18

Jose Mourinho hit water buffs in the ground in & # 39; "Relief" to Manchester United took a final guest win to win the 16 league Champions League – a chance that the manager was used to forget "lovers" of his underlying continental record.

Young boys are looking at frustration, and perhaps even banned, the Old Trafford is grooming on Tuesdays, displaying power, trust and camaraderie, lacking in their opponents.

But, for the first time in this season, Mourinho's men served deep and dancing for a while, with Marouane Fellaini turns home to secure a 1-0 victory and progress to the Champions League round 16 of a game to fly.

The United-manager launched a water vessel and put another in the ground in & nbsp; The celebration with a goal that means that they hang in the coming months to Valencia with provincial care for the Spaniards on Tuesday had lost on Juventus.

"Ferretti," Mourinho said of his feasts. "Frustration for that and relief with the aim.

"I think we did not play, we did not play for 0-0. We did not play in problems until the last bad, so frustration.

"I was not unhappy with the players.

"Frustrated with the fact that we could not, yes, but my players were very tired of the end and that is what I love – I want them to be very mild.

"It means they give everything, and they have, with moments of very good football, moments of quality, moments of hypothetical wonderful goals and then with momentary pressure, moments of confidence, that's frustrating .

"But, at the end, we put.

"I have to unite the goal that we scored with David De Gea's. I think, without David's rescue, no winning goal.

"But, in the end, we qualify in a very difficult group with one match in hand, much suffering, but we have done it."

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