Thursday , June 24 2021

Mental health services not accessible to disabled people

Simon Harris The younger brother of Health Secretary Adam Harris emphasizes the difficulty of accessing mental health services when people with intellectual disabilities, including autism, attend today's meeting.

Harris (23), diagnosed with 4 – year – olds in the autistic spectrum of Asperger 's syndrome, says intelligent people are failing at various levels of community access, especially in terms of access to health care and employment.

They were especially vulnerable in mental health.

"For example, people with autism have no access to mental health services for children and adolescents because they have gatekeepers," he said.

Harris said autistic patients who are suffering from mental health crisis are "out of CAMH" and turned to "disabled services without CAMH".

"So they often need to go private for their care," he said.

Harris, who is scheduled to attend the Praxis Care Fall Conference at the City North Hotel in Michigan, said he had difficulty accessing a psychiatrist, and that children's therapists received specialized training in autism, while adults did not. He said that all doctors should receive such training.

"There is a cultural difficulty in autism in the medical world, which is not part of the spirit of my skill set, but in fact we are just patients, a perception that we should be viewed as stereoscopic and experiencing the same mental health crisis as everyone else. You should not put it in a missing box, "Harris said.

He said autistic patients may have difficulty accessing the GP. In a survey conducted by AsIAm, founded in 2013 to strengthen autism education and empowerment, one of the main reasons why 70% of respondents did not go to their doctor is that they can not use the phone. He said sitting in the waiting room or even talking to a doctor could be a trial.

Although progress has been made in primary and secondary education, he has generally taken the place of structured support, but when people "get out of school," they often fail to get support from the community, become more difficult to work, This may be degraded.

Studies show that people with intellectual disabilities are two to three times more likely to have mental health problems than the average person.

Harris says he has been deficient in his service with his brother as an advocate for autistic patients. "I support what I do and I am very proud of him," he said.

It is imminent to release a review of Asiam's autism services. Harris says he wants a national autism strategy backed by law.

He said he would ask major parties to include this requirement in their statement on the upcoming general election.

Praxis Care is a charity that provides specialized intellectual disability, mental health and brain damage services to more than 1,500 people in Ireland.

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