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Love coffee, tea? Why do poor women use the cafe, have smaller children: Evewoman


Pregnant women use the cafe – if it's coffee or tea – smaller children or those who are inexperienced in # 39; The difficulty, ignore the new study.

Even women who took less than 200 milligrams of coffee were the safeguard in a pregnancy in accordance with the American College of Pupils and Gynecologists (ACOG), a heavily increased risk of either a low-level baby .

"Based on the consistency associations we have observed, and there are many pregnancies implanted, women should be concerned that they are women or want to be pregnant to at least have their coffee and tea to grasp, "Study Ling Ling Wei Chen, a researcher at University College Dublin in Ireland, said in an e-mail.

The study can not handle any cause and effect, he expected. But several previous studies have cafe exposure in the hills associated with negative effects, Chen and his colleagues write in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In most of these studies was coffee the main cafe of # 39; the coffee was consumed.

For the current study, Chen's team looked after 941 mother-in-law in Ireland, where people eat more tea or coffee. Almost half of the mother's in # 39; The study drinks tea, while as 40 percent drink coffee.

Each additional 100 milligrams of cafe used during the first quarter of the swan was connected to a 72-gram (2.5 inch) lower weight, and lower lower mite, birth length and height.

Women who received the most coffees, children received less than 170 grams (6 ounces) worse than those who earned the worst, the researchers found . Whether the cafe came from coffee or tea made no difference to the results.

"High cafe introduction can be a limited blood pressure in a placenta that can prevent fetal growth," Chen said. "Cafes can also lose the placenta, and cigar lighter slips disappear as pregnancy disappears, can accept coffee in fetal tissue."

One 12-inch (355 ml) of bread coffee contains about 200mg coffee, but the tea is inexpensively less cafeteria and the amount can vary by type of tea and how long the bread was. The Lipton Tea Company, for example, tells his black tea about 83 mg cafe in a 12-sack.

The public does not seem to recognize the cafe content, said the senior writer of study, Catherine Phillips, a researcher at University College Dublin. "Thus, mutual intake of both teas and coffee should be taken into account when trying to minimize the overall cafe intake in fatigue.This is especially important where the tea is the overweight cafe source, "Reuters told health by e-mail.

ACOG estimates that there is less than 200 milligrams of cats per day in severity, there is no significant factor of abuse or pre-birth. The World Health Organization advises women in & nbsp; The difficulty is less than 300 mg caffeine.

"This paper and other papers show that this is probably too high," said Dr. De-Kun Li, a senior scholar at the Kaiser Permanent North California Research in Oakland, was not involved in studying. "Epidemiological findings based on self-reported café-consumers are usually not quite enough, so all alternatives of ACOG and WHO can be considered only as biological references.Bycologically it is not likely that 300 mg is at risk, while 299 mg is safe," said She in a phone call.

"The message to women who prefer to be less likely to be better," said Li. "Then the women can choose themselves."

Representing the health benefits of cafe should also include a recovery, which is shown to be pregnant in pregnancy, inviting Li, thereby owning own research cafes-consumptions in & # 39; The pregnancy is connected to failure and felicity of childhood. "My advice would be to minimize as much as you can, if you can fully perform that would be better."

ACOG told Reuters Health that every 18 to 24 months evaluates all recommendations, includes all new studies in reviews and make adjustments to recommendations as needed. "At that time, ACOG's current guidance is still there."

SOURCE: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, online October 19, 2018.

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