Friday , January 27 2023

Liverpool clashed in Watford clash without Brazilian duo Alisson and Fabinho


The Liverpool duo of Alisson Becker and Fabinho look set to miss this Saturday’s Premier League match at Watford, as they will play for Brazil just 35 hours before the match at Vicarage Road due to the kick-off. off.

iverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has expressed his anger over BT Sport’s desire to place his team in the final at 12.30pm on a Saturday in recent years and it looks like the Reds will cost again, with her two Brazilians likely to miss the match at Watford.

Reports suggested that Liverpool asked to move the fixture later on Saturday night to give Alisson and Fabinho time to return to the UK, but that request was rejected.

Prior to the international break, it was announced that Premier League players are allowed to travel to nations on the red list if they are fully vaccinated, then have to be quarantined for 10 days in ‘tailor-made facilities’ upon their return to the United Kingdom.

Klopp tried not to hide his contempt for a situation that seems to exclude two of his main players, with new rules suggesting that the duo will have to quarantine after their return from Brazil.

“It is 10 days quarantined, allowed to play the games, allowed to work, not allowed to live at home, but does not have to live in a hotel chosen by the authorities – you can choose the hotel yourself, but food must be provided “In front of the door of your room. You may not have any visitors,” Klopp said earlier this month.

“If that’s the solution, I do not know where it comes from. We must not forget, in our case we are talking about the Brazilian players, Tsimikas and Mane. That would mean for the players that they go for 10-12 days with their national teams, then they go another 10 days away from their families in quarantine.

“That’s 22 days, and then two weeks later there’s the next international break. That does not sound like a real solution to me. Brazil and Georgia and other countries are on the red list for England, but they are not, for example. for France, Germany or Spain.

“The players are constantly in bubbles. They are here in a bubble, they are on an international duty in a bubble and I do not know exactly why that is different now than what it was.

“If the situation in Brazil is so bad, we have to react, but why do France, Germany, Italy, Spain think it’s not that bad? I do not know. Why can their players go back and play and the life they had before? “But here they have to go to a hotel for 10 days with food delivery? I just think it’s not OK that we constantly shift the responsibility to the players. It really is not OK.”

Alisson and Fabinho may be destined to miss the Watford game, but Liverpool remain hopeful that the duo will be allowed to travel to Spain for next Tuesday’s Champions League match against Atletico Madrid, as long as they pass their Covid tests. before they travel.

Meanwhile, Alisson’s absence could open the door for Ireland goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher to sign a Premier League star for Liverpool after keeping a clean sheet over his first start for Ireland in Tuesday night’s 4-0 win over Qatar.

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