Saturday , December 4 2021

Justin Bieber performs first Thanksgiving as a married man & # 39;


Justin Bieber has appeared to affirm his marriage to the model Hailey Baldwin.

It was alleged that the pop star has the bell with Baldwin, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, on a secret ceremony in September.

According to Bieber, 24, Baldwin, 22, officially known that they are married, although earlier this year the model changed its name to Instagram to Bieber.

Now the Canadian singer affirmed her marriage, writes on social media about his first Thanksgiving or a "loyal man".

Besides an image of snowy woodland on Instagram, wrote Bieber wrote: "Happy thanks thanks to everyone.

"Relationships are hard and love is not always easy, but thank you Jesus to show me how much Every day is a learning process, trying to be more than himself, patient, kind, health, young, I have a long way! But gods are enough! "

The couple was rumored to marry two months ago in a New York court, but Baldwin refused to spend time.

Baldwin and Bieber announced their commitment in July.

The singer wrote in Instagram: "I'm so hailey in love with everything about you!

"As an effort to earn my life, every part of you know your patience and kindness.

"My heart is complex and complete, and I will always put you first, you are the love for my life, Hailey Baldwin and I do not want to share it with each other, you make me so much better and we are so good!"

– Press Association

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