Tuesday , November 30 2021

It finds $ 7,500,000 cash in storage container he brought for $ 500


If you found a fortune that did not belong to you, would you give it back?

That was the dilemma facing one family who stumbled on $ 7,500,000 (£ 5,800,000) in a storage container.

The lucky bargain hunters had no idea what would be inside the box they bought for $ 500 (£ 390).

Among the hosts of everyday items was a mysterious safe. The first person to open was unable to do so but a second person succeeded.

Normally they are empty, but inside this one was a fortune – that clearly was not theirs.

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The find was revealed by Storage Wars TV show star Dan Dotson and his wife Laura.

Dan explained how a lady told him the story while at a charity event in California.

On video, Dan explained the woman saying: 'My husband works for a guy and he bought a unit from you for $ 500 (£ 390) and it had a safe in it.

What would you do with all this money? (Picture: Dan And Laura Dotson)

"The first person they called to open the safe could not, or did not.

"They called a second person and when that person opened it up … inside the safe they're normally empty, but this time it was not empty. It had $ 7.5million cash (£ 5.8million) cash inside. '

But, of course, there was a catch.

Almost immediately after the couple made the find they were contacted by a lawyer representing the original owners of the unit – and the money.

Dan and Laura Dotson revealed the amazing find on Storage Wars (Picture: Dan And Laura Dotson)

Dan told the Blast website that the woman claimed the new owner was offered a $ 600,000 (£ 465,000) reward for the return of the cash.

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In a bid to seal the deal, this sum was then doubled.

In the end they split the proceeds of the box with $ 1,200,000 (£ 930,000) going to the new owners and the remaining $ 6,300,000 was handed back.

Dan and Laura then asked their followers what they would do with the money – would they keep or give back.

In the end, the two families decided to divide the money (Picture: Dan And Laura Dotson)

The pair said the handsome sum would probably not make up for a life looking over your shoulder wondering if the original owner would claim it back.

Others took to social media to discuss what they would do.

One person wrote: 'If they had that much money, why did not they pay for the storage unit? Why would you put money in there anyway. '

Another said, 'I'd keep it! Why the hell did not they claim it, why the hell would they let it sit until someone bought the locker? '

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