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Insurance threats for bouncy castle companies

Bouncy Castle Providers are engaged in an Irish-based broker in the hope of finding a new sector insurance provider.

They were rocked last week by the confirmation that Leisure Insure, a UK-based insurance provider, will no longer provide insurance in Ireland. The announcement left hundreds of bouncy castle and inflatable companies in limbo, for Leisure Insure being the main supplier in one brand.

The UK company will honor existing germs, but will not accept a new Irish company.

Gerry Frawley of the Irish Inflatable Hirers Federation (IIHF) said they were in talks with an insurance broker in & # 39; e hope to get a new provider.

Mr. Frawley said it is a "big, big problem" that can lead to "bad work loss"

nationally. It's more than 170 members of the IIHF, many of whom would employ a number of people, he said.

He said Irish-based jump cast operators met strict health and safety rules, as required, and "high progress" was made in the & # 39; sector the last decades.

"This is all about progress – it is a disaster," said Mrs Frawley.

He said politicians failed the sector.

& # 39; They have taken years for years. We flag this year ago, ”he said.

& # 39; They had ample opportunity to speak, and they didn't. & # 39;

The news came to & # 39; a height of & # 39; A busiest time of the year for most companies for renting a castle.

Kieran Quilter from a Ballinhassig-based KC Castles Cork said many companies were left in the dark.

"We have told Brexit, we have been told that the cost of claims in Ireland is too high," said Mr Quilter.

& # 39; They did not have additional information. Likewise, we have not even received a call to say that they will not renew or contemplate new sermons. You would think that if you pay thousands of euros for a service per year, they can call at least a politeness. ”

Mr. Quilter said that many of the & # 39; a bouncy castle found out about change in Leisure Insure in policy then placed another supplier a message about in a Facebook group.

He said the KC Castles premium was actually reduced to & # 39; their first year went without any charge. He did, however, "double it" literally said when he went ahead for her third year in business.

"We have never made a claim against us," he said.

“People about the sector report similar, and smarter. And it's not just castle cupboards, it's paintballing, it's gambling – it's everywhere. "

KC Castles renewed its premium at the end of the week, so the company is insured until "mid-2020", Mr. Quilter said. Others in the area, however, are not so happy, and now face a shrink to secure insurance from another provider.

Mr. Quilter said the message from him and other providers is clear.

"We are open to business: we are assured, we are safe, and this is our busiest time of the year," he said.

"We want to see this decision – and we are sure it can be – but it must be done quickly. The longer it goes, the more people will think that people have no insurance or are not safe, and that is not the case. "

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