Wednesday , March 29 2023

Competition: Get a free iPhone X from UCD.


I brought it to you by Vodafone.

A day with a free iPhone X is a good day.

Because Vodafone is offering free iPhone X on campus, UCD students are being treated this week. While you are in the right place at a time when you are ready to take a self-racer, you can be a winner.

Being a student these days is difficult, so buying a new phone will probably not be as high on your priority list. The rate of going to a chicken fillet roll consumes more money than before …

Free iPhone X

When and where

The rules are very simple. Go down to the UCD. Wednesday, November 7 Find a big "X" on campus.

All selfs are displayed on a big screen, and winners are randomly selected. Because they are as simple as those people, you can see them clearly on the big screen by organizing them neatly with a self camera!

Vodafone X provides students with 20GB of 4G data, including Spotify Premium, Unlimited Weekend or Sky Sports Mobile TV. Please provide only 20 euros every 28 days.

I brought it to you by Vodafone.

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