Sunday , February 28 2021

Bruce Springsteen on Springway & # 39; Netflix Special offers a trailer: Watch

For more than a year Bruce Springsteen has done something else. In & # 39; The planet runs its planet, as it has long been doing, its giant karism and its deep-hearted catalog of hits to a relatively small room in New York City, every night due to a most solo-acoustic Broadway- show. The show won Springsteen also a honorary Tony Award, and the people who have seen it – including our own Gabriela Tully Claymore – say things over.

Of course this is a singing Bruce Springsteen Broadway show, so it is of course not possible to get tickets except when you are a kind of octopus. So it is a good news that the rest of our great people will get this show of comfort from our living rooms. Netflix broadcast Springsteen Broadway show, and this show will be launching next month on streaming service. (There is also a soundtrack album.) And now we're going to see a few versions of how.

Netflix has just got a trailer for the Springsteen on Broadway , and this is practical enough to make you all right. In trailer, we listen to a few of the songs that we already know very well, and we get to see a contemplative Springsteen that his life story comes back. See below.

Springsteen on Broadway will be on Netflix 12/16. Now we have to decide whether we want to see or Alfonso Cuarón's Roma first. Not a tough decision!

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