Sunday , January 16 2022

Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund score: Reus, Alcacer, Der Klassiker win a comeback victory


Borussia Dortmund had the opportunity to prove on Saturday that the hot start was a coincidence. Consider it proven. At Der Klassiker, Dortmund beat Bayern Munich 3-2, two times behind rivals Bayern Munich. Dortmund, who scored four of his five goals in the second half, was fantastic on the Bundesliga table.

Here is how it should go down and know what.

Quick start for visitors

Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski, who played in Dortmund, scored his team goal, including the 26th minute of the game. The bout with Dortmund created a genuine negative atmosphere around the stadium where the former star was punished.

After his friend and current Dortmund star Marco Reus scored the equalizer, Lewandowski scored again in three minutes.

Amazing comeback

But Dortmund fired. Reus had a fantastic opportunity to put up a super sub Paco Alcacer counterattack, 73 minutes. Reus's efforts include:

Here is the winner.

Home teams have not felt like competitors for years. The team feels different because of the start of the Champions League and the domestic Champions League. With the win, Dortmund was 7th in the top three with Bayern.

Number division

  • Dortmund has scored three goals for Bayern five times.
  • Bayern played countless counters but the timing was over. The club demanded five offsides.
  • Zero minutes played by American star Christian Pulisic. He was an unused substitute in this book.

What is your future plan?

Here are the international breaks, and the teams will have the next game on the 24th weekend. Bayern will call Fortuna in Dortmund to sign Mainz.

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