Tuesday , January 31 2023

Alzheimer's Association Visits National Flag of Ireland on November 22nd


The Alzheimer Society of Ireland in Ireland hosts the Alzheimer's Memory Ribbon in Kilkenny on Thursday, November 22 each year.

The Memory Ribbon campaign calls on the public to share the precious memories of loved ones suffering from dementia while contributing to this valuable cause.

By sharing memories and donating € 3 to ASI, the public can give gifts that will change their lives because they will donate their donations directly to provide essential services to people with dementia and their loved ones who help them.

The public can purchase a Memory Ribbon pin on Thursday, November 22 or at www.alzheimer.ie for one of the nation's employees or volunteers

More than 700 local volunteers from all over the country, including local schools, men's stores, corporate partners and the Irish Country Women's Association, will sell 3-euro memory ribbon pins and will be sold in towns by region. All over Ireland.

Our mobile information bus service, which is run by experienced staff and volunteers and creates a unique opportunity to raise awareness of dementia, is staffed with staff ready to answer questions from public members and volunteers who sell memory, Co Wicklow will be at the Wicklow.

The famous CÓRUS choir will be performed outside the Gaiety Theater starting at 1:00 pm and the People's College Choir will perform at the Jervis Street Shopping Center from 12:00 pm.

The Alzheimer Society of Mairéad Dillon, Ireland's fundraising director, said:

"Alzheimer's Society of Ireland (IHD) is a country that lacks funding and the demand for services is constantly increasing. I have to support this Christmas to keep the essential services to those who desperately need it.

"By sharing memory and donating € 3 to the Alzheimer's Memory Ribbon campaign, the general public will give a life-changing gift. € 3 donated to provide essential services for people with dementia and their loved ones who help them Will be donated.

"Public purchasing members are directly involved in providing support for important services such as 51 weekly day care centers nationwide providing professional care for people with dementia or our home care services providing trained dementia therapists for dementia patients. I will go to the comfort and safety of my own home "

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