Tuesday , January 19 2021

Alfie Moon shocked Kat on today's EastEnders.

Alfie is back in Spain, but where are Kat's friends?

While Alfie Moon makes a dramatic comeback to Walford, Kat Slater is heartbroken on the EastEnders for one hour tonight … but where is the boy you love?

When she received a video call from Alfie, Kat was shocked and gave her a big favor. However, Kat's spirit became distracted when a social worker visited Hayley and her baby, while her wishful wishes inspired her feelings.

EastEnders Spoiler - Kat goes to see Alfie.

Kat wonders why Alfie sent her to a random hall.

Realizing Katie needs Hailey, Kat focuses on helping her out on one side, but if Alfie keeps ringing on Kat's phone, she'll have to hang up and call her desperately. in haste.

It was only when Kat called back that Alfie showed the way to the hallway. Kat moves to his chosen position at his request. But when she arrives she falls in shock for her life and awaits him.

Kat faints when she confronts Alfie.

Alfie returned to London and he did not tell her, but there is only one question she wants to answer when she first sees him in a few months. Where are the kids?

However, when Alfie reveals that they are not with him and are still in Spain, Kat's hopes of seeing her boy disappear soon. But if he does not come back with his child, what exactly does he support?

Why is Alfie from Spain?

Alfie tries to explain everything to Kat, but she makes tremendous decisions while struggling to understand. Will she hear her say or walk before she finishes?

How long will it take for Alfie to pour truth into the secret that Hayley's baby daddy is still wrapped around?

Try this scene at 7:30 pm at EastEnders for one hour tonight.

EastEnders broadcasts on BBC1 Monday and Friday at 8:00 on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm.

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