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A 5-year-old boy, cancer, hears her words from her mother and dies. "I am sorry for this.


A five-year-old boy told his mother, "I'm sorry for this," before the two-year-old cancer died and died with his own weapon.

Brave Charlie Proctor needed a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare tumor in 2016.

The courageous fighting against this disease has captured the heart of the country, including the American superstar Pink.

His parents, Amber Schofield and Ben Proctor, began appealing to raise 855,580 pounds for him in the United States.

But on the weekend Amber confirmed that her son had last breath.

Church, Accrington, Lancashire's devastated mother posted a picture of Charlie with angel wings on Saturday night.

Charlie needed a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare tumor in 2016.

Church, Accrington, Lancashire,
The church, the young man of Accrington, Lancashire, "sleeps peacefully"

Just a few hours ahead, she posted a heart-breaking final photo of the young man. She said, "My mom is sorry about this."

Amber said, "Last night at 23:14 my best friend, Charlie, took my last breath.

"When he was asleep, his arms wrapped around us, peacefully in my arms, and our heart aches. The world lost a great little boy.

"Charlie, you gave me a chance to be a mother, not only your biggest inspiration, but also inspired thousands of people all over the world.

"Love really showed me Charlie It 's time for me to fly, I'm proud of you You've fought so hard My baby, it hurts I will always miss you, I dream of my sweet baby.

The brave Charlie apologized to her mom just before she died.

His mom and Charlie Smiley Scofield

In publishing on Charlie 's Chapter page, she used to write: "This is Charlie's last picture.

"As things go on and on, he gets worse and he does not look like Charlie anymore. He's too thin, so I can see and feel all the bones, the sinking face, and his eyes in his body.

"Where did the fat baby go? Just before birth …! He weighed 911 pounds! He was the cutest baby ever!

"He is our lump, I want everyone to remember who he is, I want to remember how he looked, how ridiculous, how ridiculous, how grim.

Charlie celebrates his birthday with a funny grimace face and Pokeball.

"He is sad and tired and depressed and depressed." I do not know what to do now. "His main words are … Today, he is very excited, lying down, sitting down, lying in bed, in the blank, then on the sofa, and back upstairs and so on …

"At some point Charlie turned to me and said in his quietest, baggy voice," Mummy, I'm very sorry about this. "He had to apologize for wanting to move again.

"So now I know what it feels like.I broke my heart.I should not feel the feelings of Charlie.No kids! Parents need to know that the child has to go slowly and slowly.

"It would be the most painful thing nobody would ever see to worsen in this way. If Charlie's fate had gone away, I would have taken the angel a few weeks ago before he bothered him further.

Charlie's mom urged parents to cherish time with their children.

The brave Charlie died last week.

"His AFP is high because the machine is no longer readable, his liver functioning is the same as Bilirubin's Bilirubin, but doubled and Charlie's skin turns yellow. Charlie is in a better age.

"How can I miss him when I miss him? But I miss him, I have a conversation, a hug without any pain, I miss him kissing him.

"I miss the smile, because I know I will not see the smile again in the picture, so I will never hear Charlie's laughter again. "Tighten and hug the baby tightly and kiss them too much.

"You do not know how lucky you are. We all live a normal life."

Charlie in his spider-man pajamas

Last month, the Charlie family found that they had "two weeks and 366 hours" left.

The child was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare tumor that started in the liver in February 2016.

Friends and family desperately collected cash and sent them to the United States to try and save lives, but they said it would end last month.

Nearly £ 360,000 has been pledged to help Charlie, including a £ 10,000 donation from singer Pink and £ 5,000 pledge from Pretty Little Thing founder Umar Kamani.

His family was able to celebrate the milestone he wanted to reach in order to accelerate his sixth birthday by half a year.

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