Saturday , December 4 2021

5 Reasons to Buy a New Samsung QLED 8K TV


Because you are a Pocket-lint reader, 4K stands for high-definition pictures on most modern TVs. You will find that 8K is the next step change, and it's already here. The remarkable Samsung QLED 8K TV has been released. Waiting is over.

So, should I buy one, then, why?

1. The most detailed and photorealistic picture

You have never seen anything like him. Full HD brought us amazingly when we arrived, and 4K was more compelling and appealing. 8K goes a lot further. Where resolution is four times that of 4K because it is twice the number of horizontal and vertical pixels. Full HD resolution is 16 times. If you ask for more than 33 million pixels, you can sit closer to the TV without looking at the points that make up the image. It becomes a fully immersed experience, takes up more of your horizons and draws you fully.

2. Upscaling means you can see this now.

However, there are no programs created in 8K. In fact, this is due to the fact that TV is able to seamlessly upgrade content without problems. Up to 8K up to 4K content or HD programming. This is because machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to analyze images, improve detail, and sharpen edges up to 8K. You can do this while reducing image noise. Colors are still punchy, rich, realistic and faithful. This is a game changer.

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three. It's an intelligent TV.

In addition to smart TVs, this product is intelligent thanks to the built-in ultra-powerful Samsung Quantum Processor 8K. It responds automatically to the brightness of the room and is not too dark or too strong. Since the processor can run the Samsung voice helper, you can interact with the TV by pressing the microphone button on the premium build remote control. Please choose a channel, recommend something you like, or ask to run an app like YouTube.

4. Samsung QLED 8K TV can blend naturally into your home.

That's because there is a compatible Android or IOS device, and Ambient Mode uses smart technology that blends in with the surrounding environment where the wall texture is not too unusual. It does this by measuring the light in the room and modulating the brightness of the TV accordingly, and can produce subtle effects without looking at the program. Therefore, you can select the appearance of the TV, such as landscape, horse, picture, information display or picture, by pressing the button. You can choose your own personal photo as the wallpaper, or blend the content behind the wall to almost disappear when it matches the color of the wall. You do not have to stare back at the black rectangle!

Samsung5 Reasons to Buy a New Samsung Qled 8k Tv Image 2

5. It's the only TV that does all this.

Samsung only makes 8K TV. And Samsung only uses QLED, a state-of-the-art TV video technology that is much brighter than OLEDs. Even in brightly lit rooms, the contrast is deep and black. It is all in a stylish and appealing sleek and slim frame. With this bright and delicate QLED format 8K, you can experience more realistic and immersive TV that looks great in any scene.

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