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& # 39; Pioneer Movement & # 39; – Women's first professorship until September


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar with the statue of a fearless girl from Mary Mitchell O'Connor and the Gender Action Plan, Higher Education Minister. Photo: DAMIAN EAGERS
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar with the statue of a fearless girl from Mary Mitchell O'Connor and the Gender Action Plan, Higher Education Minister. Photo: DAMIAN EAGERS

The first 15 of 45 women-only professors to be created in higher education in Ireland are expected to take place in September as part of a radical effort to eradicate gender discrimination in academia.

The government has allocated 800,000 euros in 2019 to support its commitments, and the detailed agreement between the Ministry of Education and the higher education institutions is being finalized.

Through ongoing consultation with the Attorney General's Office, we ensure that our promises are immune to the successful challenges of legally solid and disgruntled men.

By 2021, a total of 45 posts will be made in the 4.7 million euros per year. Professor salary is about 80,000 euros to 115,000 euros.

Under the new performance agreement, higher education institutions face the risk of cutting their national funds by up to 10pc per year if certain performance targets are not achieved, and gender equality is one of them.

Higher Education Minister Mary Mitchell O & # 39; Connor argues that she is not interested in potential legal issues and has a & quot; strict evaluation & quot; of the Adult Action Plan 2018-2020 to ensure compliance with national and European Union laws "He said.

Mitchell O'Connor said, "The excellent women in our higher education sector are not talented, competent, professional, and not committed enough, so they are not doing enough high school work."

The basis of the action plan was submitted to the report of the Gender Equality Task Force last year after a group of experts from the former EU Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn exposed the issue of gender discrimination in higher education and submitted recommendations.

The Task Force found that women faced progress barriers that were not as experienced as their male colleagues.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that when the plan was announced yesterday, women were historically "the greatest untapped resource in Ireland" and the government wanted "girls to set high goals" in politics, academia and other sectors.

Women-only professors apply to a limited number of new and additional posts in areas where there is a significant amount of sex-specific evidence evident. Other initiatives will be limited to situations in which they are not being developed and are considered appropriate and effective means of achieving accelerated change.

The number of female professors in third grade universities is considered to be a key measure of equality and is aimed at women by 2024 for 40 Irish university professors. This increased from 23pc in 2017, while the 51pc lecturer was female.

A series of professorships, called the Irish Government's Senior Academic Talent Initiative, is one of the many actions taken in this area of ​​action.

Joan Donegan, Secretary General of Irish University Teachers (IFUT), said the announcement was "a pioneering bravery" and "the necessary steps to address the issue of women's continuing lack of publicity in their senior posts."

She said internationally, there is growing evidence that such measures are necessary to break the algebra of discrimination against women.

Another major measure of the plan calls for universities to set goals for hiring and promoting women in senior positions, and if they fail to achieve these goals, they will affect the level of funding they receive.

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