Sunday , October 17 2021

Why is Kylian Mbappe’s goal against Spain in the UEFA Nations League final not offside & still legal?


At first glance, Mbappe was caught offside when he got the pass from Theo Hernandez, before then shooting to outsmart Unai Simon.

France’s winning goal in the UEFA Nations League final was scored by Kylian Mbappe against Spain on Monday morning (11/10) early in the morning invited protests from the opponent, but the referee did not fall and still approved it.

Spain thought Mbappe was already in an offside position when he got the pass from Theo Hernandez – and apparently he was – but referee Anthony Taylor ruled that defender Eric Garcia touch the ball first.

Spanish captain Sergio Busquets later said after yesterday’s 2-1 defeat that the explanation he received was “absurd”.

What happened?

Answer from Busquets

“For those of us who are on the field [gol kedua] it looked offside, “said the Barcelona midfielder From Chiringuito TV. “The referee told us that because Eric tried to play the ball the away game was canceled, but that does not make sense.

“He just tried to distinguish the ball, he didn’t play it and lost control.”

Other remarks

Pandit Sky Sports Jamie Redknapp also shared his views. He said: ‘It’s very difficult to earn because you are trying to keep the line well from a Spanish point of view. However, Mbappe has incredible speed timing wrong run. There was indeed a slight touch of Garcia.

“The rules then state that it will be the second phase of the game, but what should Garcia do? Should he leave it, even though he does not know what’s behind it?

“You can see from the moment Theo Hernandez plays the ball, he [Mbappe] clearly offside. But because it was a thin touch from Garcia, it was considered a new phase of the game. But for me not so. This is a very bad interpretation of the rules. I do not like it and it feels unfair.

Article remains below

“It was a light touch. It was not like when he tried to play it back to the goalkeeper. As a defender you have to hold the line well and you have to touch the ball. If the lineman hoisted the flag, no one would make the decision doubt.

“This is very controversial. Of course we want to see goals in football. We asked VAR to give more goals, but this feels very sorry for Spain from my point of view. I am also disappointed in the officials.

“It’s not VAR’s fault … that’s the rule. It’s been about 18 months of this interpretation, but I feel we have not seen enough examples of it in the big games to be talking points, but this one won today’s final and it will now definitely be the talk of the town. “

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