Friday , May 20 2022

WhatsApp is left behind by people, this time?


Warta, Jakarta

One of the officials in WhatsApp, Neeraj Arora left the company after seven years.

Arora left WhatsApp with his last position as head office, he gave his resignation on Monday (26/11), or it was reported by the Telegraph.

On his Facebook account, Arora said he wanted to take "energy and time with family."

"It's time to go ahead, I'm very proud of WhatsApp, every day will be reached by people in many ways at the same time." I say WhatsApp remains easy, safe and will be a trusted communications product in the coming years, "he said.

Arora follows WhatsApp fonts Brian Acton and Jan Koum who have left WhatsApp, bought Facebook in 2014 for $ 22 billion.

As in April, according to some archives with Facebook because personal problems and plans to reduce the cost. Acton links WhatsApp in September 2017.

A few months ago, it was discovered that Acton Mark Zuckerberg refused to plan his return from service.

In an interactive session with Forbes, Acton was told on Facebook, people representing representing people and policy makers who did not approve of it.

In fact, he has also called clerks at that time to "delete Facebook" or the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook imported instagram of photo sharing platform in 2012. The two instagram layers in & # 39; In the last month, they say that they will block Facebook.

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