Thursday , January 20 2022

Tutorial video How to take screenshots from HP, swipe only three fingers


TRIBUNWOW.COM – In general, screenshots or screenshot On Android smartphones, you must apply multiple combinations at once or apply.

However, there are other easy ways you can use it to take screenshots without an application or by pressing certain buttons.

One of them is to use three fingers on your Android smartphone.

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To do this, you'll need to check if your Android smartphone has features. screenshot Three fingers.

For Oppo and Xiaomi smartphone users, screenshot Three fingers are available and remain active.

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Show me how:

1. Oppo

To use the feature screenshot To use three fingers on an Oppo smartphone, you must first enable the Gesture Screenshot feature.

The trick goes to Settings and then selects the Gestures and Actions menu.

Next, you can select the Gesture screen menu and activate the Gesture screen shot function.

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