Wednesday , April 21 2021

This Barcelona presidential candidate claims to have secured 2 new players


The campaign material for Barcelona’s presidential candidate includes attracting top players. One of the presidential candidates, Toni Freixa, claims to have secured 2 new players.

Barcelona’s new presidential election will be held on March 7. Elections should be held since January 24, 2021, but were postponed due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Spain.

On March 7, three names will compete. They are Joan Laporta, Victor Font, and Toni Freixa.

Surname, as reported Daily mail, has begun to ‘sell’ his performance. Freixa claims to have secured two top players who should be brought to the Camp Nou.

“There is an agreement with two different players, in attack and defense,” Freixa said They save,

“Every player who wants to win the Ballon d’Or knows that they will only win it if they wear the Barcelona shirt,” he said.

In the Barcelona team, the position of defender and striker is currently a concern. Last summer, the Blaugrana itself was aiming to find players to strengthen it.

Barcelona wanted Memphis Depay from Lyon for the first position, and sent Eric Garcia from Manchester City for the defensive position. Both, however, failed to recruit, one of them because of financial problems.

Back to Toni Freixa, the old man in Barcelona is quite optimistic that he can win in the next election. He considered that his proposal was well received.

“The response to our proposal has been excellent. We have done well,” he said.

Freixa is an old man in Barcelona. He had been subordinate to Joan Laporta in 2003-2005, but then resigned because he did not get along. He was later brought back to the club by Sandro Rossell, as spokesman for the club’s board of directors.

In 2015, he was nominated to become president of Barcelona. He competes with Josep Maria Bartomeu, Laporta, and Agusti Benedito. However, he lost the mood, which was the worst of all. Now, in 2021, Toni Freixa has decided to run again as a candidate for club president.

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