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The refusal of the Caliph Ness debate and the police get the support of numerous residents.


Together with the rank of Bogor police, resident, student and civil society representatives Kilpa From the Bogor Regency (Az-Zikra Mosque). The hearing took place after demonstrations involving denial of the debate. Kilpa Canceled.

"Bogor AKBP Andi Moch Dicky (Tuesday, November 13, 2018), a community, Islamic organization and Bogor Regency student, submitted a permit to allow the religious ministry to reject the Shia and Sila Room of World Islamic Caliphness 1440. Bogor AKBP ) (November 13, 2010)

Dickie said the protesters had been canceled and representatives of residents, students, and mass organizations decided to grab the audience at the rank of Bogor police. Relevant parties such as the Ministry of Religion and TNI representatives also attended the meeting.

"But eventually the mafia rejected the debate. Kilpa This visit was held at the Bogor Police Station for the audience of the world 's Islamic Caliphates' refusal to participate in the 'Caliphate of the Caliphate' under the theme of 'The cornerstone of Islamic awakening'. "The hearing took place in the Bogor Police Resort Command Center room, attended by the local government of Bogor Regency and Kodim 0621 of the Ministry of Bogor Regency of Bogor Regency," said Dicky. I said.

As a result of the hearing, residents, students, and representatives of the public agencies communicated their statements. Below is a statement of the attitudes of citizens, students, and mass organizations with Bogor Police Resort.

With a number of residents of the Bogor local government's mass organizations and officials at a hearing related to the debate on Bogor police rank, Kogilafah.The ranking of the Bogor police and the majority of the inhabitants, representatives of the mass organizations, and bureaucrats of the Bogor district government Kilpa. (Photo: Special marina)

– I reject all ideas for the Caliphs in Indonesia. Indonesia's Four pillars, Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, the Republic of Indonesia and the unity of diversity.

– Deny all activities to support ideas and movements Kilpa Indonesia.

– Demand legal devices to act decisively on all forms of movement and activity that support the establishment. Kilpa Because it contradicts the 1945 Constitution with Pancasila.

– appealed to Bogor Regency residents to maintain a security situation in Bogor Regency.

Previously, the Bogor regional police decided not to authorize the organization of discussions on Shia and Silaturahaim in the 1440 's World Islamic Caliphate. No driver's license was given. Because the police considered the discussion to replace the Indonesian government system with the Indonesian government system. Kilpa.

"According to police investigations and investigations, Kilpa To replace Pancasila's NKRI government system, democracy is Kilpa"Said Bogor, chief of police, in a statement to reporters on Tuesday (11/13).
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