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The poster "Raja Jokowi" turned out to be installed by volunteers.


Jokowi's picture posters were circulating along the king's crown in various places.

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About a week ago, the Banyumas District had many stickers and posters questioned later by PDI-P (PDIP). Joko Widodo (Jokowi & # 39; s) photo stickers and posters wore the crowns of the Java crown style installed in public transportation glass, personal vehicles and many strategic locations.

However, stickers or posters adorn the Banyumas area in just one week. The internal management of PDI-P and Bawaslu Banyumas cleaned the posters for their own reasons.

The PDIP insider dismissed all the posters and stickers on the grounds that Foster considered the honor of Jokowi undermined and thought it was not a party order or national campaign team (TKN) or local campaign team (TKD). Bawaslu cleaned the poster because he installed a poster in a forbidden location under the provision that he could not install the APK (Campaign Props).

Saleh Darmawan said during a APK demolition Monday (12/11) – Coordinator of the electoral crime of Paul Luu, where 1,428 APKs were revealed at Selasa (13/11). Includes the APK as an image or poster of a photo of a Jocko Weapon photo wearing a crown.

He can not tell if Jokowi Raja's APK and some of his posters have been released. "Since the Banyas election watchdog has not received PDIP complaints about the negative campaign of Jokowi's presidential candidate sticker, it is only Baxaslu's mission to take down the posters / stickers that APK can not install without considering APK data All.

Observations show that there is really nothing odd about the red jockey stickers or posters. On the right side of the sticker or poster is a picture of President Jokowi. Jokowi's president wears a crown worn by a player in a puppet show or ketoprak.

On the left, there is a PDIP logo in the shape of a white fire head in a circle. Let's work for & # 39; people on top of stickers & # 39 ;.

Banyumas Bawaslu, director of Yan Daryono's Coordinator for Public Relations and Agencies, says Jokowi's sticky or poster-like APK is not a negative sign. The statements in the poster are also considered suitable for the APK image.

"On the material side, we have not seen the nuances of negative campaigns," Yon said, "there were no hate or expressions with SARA nuances in the posters of incumbent candidates.

A poster or sticker with an image of & # 39; Raja Jokowi & # 39; is only an issue if there is a problem with the internal PDI-P party. They argued that the poster / sticker considered Zocowi as distrust and that the sticker / poster was posted by political opponents.

Central Java PDIP officials stressed that the party never ordered the installation of such posters or stickers. The instructions were not issued by Central Java TKN or TKD.

PDIP Banyumas DPC President Budhi Setiawan tracked the distribution origins of posters / stickers in his area. In the search, I mentioned a poster installer, Anggit, from Banyumas, and a resident of the Bunaayu Brebes Regency named Ade. However, he did not mention the Anggit-Ade political alliance.

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Later in search results RepublikaJokowi got a complete description of the distribution of posters and stickers with pictures. Based on the results of the Gakkumdu election in Banyumas, it is known that there are actually other posters placed with the "Raja Jokowi" poster.

Another poster is a poster of Jokowi's nurse chairman wearing a black hat next to Vice-presidential candidate KH Ma ruf Amin. In the middle of the poster is the phrase Happy Maulud of the Prophet Muhammad.

The installation of two posters in the Banyumas area is known to be performed by Nanang Nurrahman (36), a resident of Karangklesem Village in the Pekuncen Sub-District of Banyumas Regency. He set up posters at various locations in the Banyumas area on Saturday (10/11) and Sunday (11/11).

Nanang received a poster from Ade Hermanus Sholeh (29 years old), a resident of the Bumiayu Sub-District of Breubes Regency and Dughturi Village, and Anggit Musonif Ardiansyah (29), who lives in Pruwatan Village, Bumiayu District, Brebes Regency. All posters were kept in Adara's rental properties Tiara Ajimas Housing, Ajibarang Kulon Village, Ajibarang Subdistrict and Banyumas Regency.

For the task of installing this poster, Nanang claimed to have paid Rp 5,000 per poster. Overall, Nanang was asked to install about 500 posters / stickers and was promised to receive a commission of Rs 80,000, but he claimed only Rs 300,000.

Nanang also said that only 60 posters could be installed in the Banyumas area in a poster / sticker installation project. Poster installation can not continue because PDIP internal installation must be interrupted.

Banyumas Bawaslu, witnessed by PDI-P DPC Chairman Banyumas Budi Setiawan on November 11, delivered 160 posters of Raja Jokowi & # 39; In the survey of Ade Hermanus Sholeh, I received information that a person had received a Maulud greeting post from Julan Tebet Timur No 34, a Muhammad prophet of Reza Anjaya, a space consultant in South Jakarta, and Raja Jokowi & # 39; s.

Ade received 3,310 posters in the form of 1,665 Happy Maulud and Jokowi posters. Before posting the poster, Ade agreed to attend the meeting of the Volunteer Public Space Jokowi Support Group at Siliwangi Hotel Semarang on November 8, 2018.

Ald also said that the meeting materials of the Siliwangi Hotel were given as coordinators of the National Public Space Volunteers by a person named Ahlan, Coordinator of Central Java Public Space Volunteer and Reza Anjaya. Joko Widodo-KH Ma ruf One of the published materials on the stickers and posters of President Jokowi's candidates wearing the crowns and posters of President and Vice President candidates is Happy Maulud of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ade argued that she had received a poster of Raja Jokowi and a poster of Maulud Nabi three days after the meeting in Semarang. The poster was sent using a yellow truck numbered in the Kedu area (AA).

"At the time I received 3,310 posters from the Jokowi poster and a Maulud celebration poster." All the posters were kept in a rental house in Tiara Ajimas Ajibarang Housing.

After receiving the poster, Ade asked the WA Public Room group about the cost of installing the poster. At that time, Ahlan, Central Java Public Space volunteer coordinator, sent the charge immediately. Ade argued that she received a poster fee of Rs. 22,700,000 (Rp) via bank account transfer.

With this fund, Ade contacted some friends, including Nanang, to set up posters at various locations in Banyumas Regency. However, until all the posters were installed, PDIP Central Java denied posts to the posters.

Ade argued that he had consulted with Banyumas PDIP Chairman Budhi Setiawan after the dispute over the installation of Raja Jokowi 's poster. In this adjustment, Ade was instructed to remove already installed posters and told poster of Jokowi-Makruf Amin that Happy Maulud was installed.

Regarding the rest of the posters kept in Ade's rental housing, Ajibarang Panwascam member Nanang Anna Noor insisted on Friday (11/16) that he carried out the inspection at the rental house. "The house is empty and there are no posters at home," he explained.

In addition to investigating the perpetrators of the poster in Banyumas, the party concerned is also known to have conducted an inspection of Reza Anjaya, National Coordinator of National Public Space Volunteers. Reza said in the survey that he personally was a group of businessmen who wished to be reelected as President of the Republic of Indonesia.

He also noted that public space corpses were formed in five provinces, including Central Java, East Java, Southern Sulawesi, East Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. This fund is gained by the entrepreneurs of Public Space Volunteers.

Reza acknowledged on November 8 that the meeting at Siliwangi Hotel Semarang was under his leadership. Meanwhile, it was submitted to Ahlan, Coordinator of Central Java Public Space Volunteers.

Reza has printed 150,000 copies in Jakarta on the poster of Raja Jokowi and the posters of Maulud. These posters are distributed in five provinces with public space corps. However, posters in the Javanese king-style crown were only installed in Central Java and East Java.

In addition to the poster, Reza claimed to have printed 21,500 Jokowi Raja stickers in the form. Branding campaign. This sticker was installed on the rear glass of five-city urban traffic vehicles and cooperatives.

Jokowi's photo poster installation background is said to be wearing a Javanese crown because Jokowi wore a crown at the Solo's festival. Exactly, when Jokowi still serves as Solo's market.

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