Saturday , June 25 2022

The Department of Transportation, which operates 18 sea corridors


Jakarata (Bisnis Jakarta) – facilitates the flow of passengers, goods and services, and dissemination of information throughout the country to facilitate the economy and the construction of sea transportation and facilities necessary to disseminate national logistics. "The Sea Toll Program is one of the markings of the national government's shipping program. One of the goals is to develop Indonesia in the periphery by strengthening regions and villages within the framework of Unitary State." Directed by Linats and Shipping, Capt. Jakarta's Wisnu Handoko (5/11).

Wisnu said the Department of Transportation has operated 15 (15) cargo vessels on three additional lines that stop at sea (offshore freeways), in disadvantaged areas, remote areas, outskirts and border areas. With the hope that the Maritime Highway Program will be able to grow new industries and trade centers to improve the region's economy. "In the context of the efficiency of cargo transportation, cargo transport uses two subsidiary patterns to utilize cargo spaces," Wisnu said.

In order to achieve the desired synergies in the ocean transportation program, the Maritime Transport Authority is obliged to provide public services such as Economy Class PSO passengers, PSO freight services at sea, PSO pioneers and freight transport, PSO shipping, Obligation, PSO) livestock and products and containers are performed by PSO. Pelni, BUMN and personal. "Five types of marine highway components should be understood as regular and scheduled marine transports (liners) rather than trampers. The operation of the tramper allows the marine vessel to operate on a constant schedule and irregular route, "Wisnu said.

In addition, current ocean freeway service users are increasingly facilitated through online-based application services called Shipload and Space Information (IMRK) to provide information on the cargo and capacity of used ships. "The application of online-based IMRK applications will reduce pricing imbalances and maintain subsidies for effective and targeted government shipping programs," he added.

Wisnu has included BUMN and private sector stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and merchants in the Rumah Kita program and the Maritime Outlet program, enabling the use and optimization of offshore highway programs as much as possible. "The ocean toll program is expected to really contribute to the Indonesian community in areas that have previously been difficult to reach," concluded Wisnu. (son)

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