Monday , January 18 2021

Thailand and Indonesia: Watch at the AFF Cup semi-finals 2018.

The Indonesian national team called the country before fighting East Timor in the 2018 AFF Cup at SUGBK in Jakarta on Tuesday (13/11). ( Renato)

Compared with the excellent team, the Indonesian national team showed weakness in the AFF 2018 Cup two games. First, wing play depends on the galaxy bishop is too easy for the other party to read.

The Indonesian game plan to deal with the Milky Way is a form of Luis Mila heritage that rely on attacks from the field of wings. This is what the opponent used to turn off the winger of the Indonesian national team who made the flow of the stalemate.

Second, if the attacking path of the other party is cut off, the galaxy will not make another plan. In the match against Singapore, the Milky Way forced the attack through its wings. Irfan Jaya will replace Riko Simanjuntak with a substitution.

The same is true of the war with East Timor. The Milky Way does not want to change the style of the Indonesian game when the flow of wing attacks stagnates. Luis Milla's former assistant replaced Febri Haryadi with Riko Simanjuntak. While Riko was on the right wing, Andik Vermansah went back to its original left wing.

The Indonesian national team won East Timor 3-1 on Tuesday (November 13, 2014) in the second match of the AFF 2018 Cup and sent a short interview video with Andik Vermansah.

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