Monday , October 25 2021

South Jakarta Tribunals and Laws Arrested by CCP to Find Hundred Million Money – VIVA


VIVA – The Corruption Handling Committee (CCP) shall carry labor or OTT operations against judges and judges of the South Jurisdiction Court.

In # silent operation, the CCP supported hundreds of millions of rupiah cash and Singapore dollar.

"Conscientious objections that have been wounded by Singapore dollar have been wounded, however, are hundreds of millions of Rupiah," said the officer of CCP called on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 after the media crew.

Confirmed, CPP-past Agus Rahardjo recognized the existence of OTT against judges and jurisdictions in the Southern District of Jakarta. Agus showed that his party since this night has hitherst been arrested in the morning.

"That was just last night until tomorrow, actively in Jakarta, six people have confirmed it," said Agus.

Agus said, OTT against 'six people was related to treating civil cases in the South-East court. But Agus does not want this time to be the names of the parties involved in OTT.

"It relates to treating civil cases in the South-East court," he said.

The CCP has 1×24 hours to determine the status of the security parties. At present, the parties are in the CCP office to be seized for a first research.

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