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Reza Arap named Lathi’s song should be nominated, Maia Estianty: Arrogant very very Page all

JAKARTA, – Music producer Maia Estianty responded to the statement of Weird Genius Reza Arap who said that the song “Lathi” should have been nominated for the 2020 TikTok Awards Indonesia.

The collaboration song Weird Genius with singer Sara Fajira was included in the category 2020 Viral Song of the Year Tiktok Awards Indonesia.

Initially, the host of Gracia Indri asked Weird Genius’ answer to the song “Lathi” that was included in the nomination list.

Arap said casually that “Lathi” should be included in the nomination.

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“Yes, it should be. Indeed (Lathi) should enter,” Reza said in a virtual press conference, Wednesday (13/1/2021).

“Eh, I give effect, very arrogant,” said Maia Estianty as the jury of the 2020 TikTok Awards of Indonesia.

Reza Arap also gave the reason why “Lathi” had to be nominated for the 2020 TikTok Awards Indonesia.

“We are already tired of work. The lyrics are difficult, the songs are difficult, the shooting is difficult,” said Reza Arap.

Earlier, Maia Estianty commented on Reza Arap’s statement.

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“How come your life is so difficult? It’s all difficult,” said Maia Estianty.

“But it’s not hard to become famous,” Reza Arap said angrily.

“Yeee, how arrogant,” said Maia Estianty laughing.

Meanwhile, another Weird Genius member, Eka Gustiwana, admitted that there was no expectation that the song “Lathi” would be that big.

However, Reza Arap once again expressed his confidence about the song “Lathi” which was first released on her YouTube account on March 26, 2020.

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“Eka, there are no predictions. (If I am) sure, I already said on WhatsApp, that if you check it, it’s still there. I said ‘this song must be great’, take it easy. to, “said Reza Arap.

Eka Gustiwana admitted that when “Lathi” was not yet in the music business, Reza Arap had high confidence.

The “Lathi” was accompanied by the song “Ampun Bang Jago” by Ever Salikara & Tian Storm, “Like the Sky” by Portrait, “Dangdut Coffee” by Fahmi Shahab, Jessica Bunga, and Asyraf Jamal, and “Kaka Main Salah” of LHC Makassar. ,

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The TikTok Awards Indonesia 2020 itself will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2021 and broadcast live on RCTI +.

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