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Researcher: Old Marren on Mars has similar sediments in South Sulawesi – An article published in the GSA Bulletin in 2017 then has surprising information on the content of old lakes on Mars. In the report it was stated that old lakes on Mars meet agreements with marauders in Towuti, South Sulawesi.

Timothy A. Goudge, an expert in the University of Texas, said Lake Towuti is an offalist that consists of bicycles that are rich in iron and magnesium (mafia). It is more than the surface of Mars as the most common land on earth, which is usually more rocky or richer in silicon, aluminum, sodium, etc.

Goudge and the team detailed lime-mineralogy of Lake Towuti, Indonesia to find this.

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This further study also uses a technically named Infrared Spectroscopy (VNIR).

The spectral losses of Lake Towuti appear in various types of minerals over the last 40,000 years.

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The technique also includes responses to 'lighter system to climate change, including changes in lakes, core progression, and river slopes.

According to Goudge, this shows that VNIR spectroscopy can be used to develop environmental issues for tens of thousands of years.

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What was interesting about the study was that Goudge and the team also found that old marine positions on Mars were likely to store paleo environment information as access through stratigraphic abstraction surveys and VNIR spectroscopy.

Gold says further that the compassionate relationship between Lake Towuti and the lake on Mars is not perfect. Therefore, Goudge focuses on using VNIR techniques.

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Gold is used to distinguish various materials from colors, such as rust with read, because ice was iron. Thus, the VNIR spectroscopy can contain the minutes to investigate minerals present in nervousness.

The technique is indeed relatively new to practice against marlins on earth. Yet, this technique can operate a whole range with only reflected jury light. Therefore, the technique can be used to research on mineralogy and surface complex on other planetary bodies, such as Mars.

"Our research indicates that you can use VNIR spectroscopy to understand recent climate evolution, which is included by sediments, so we suggest the same approach to study sediments of old lakes at high resolution Mars, Alde Mars, "said Goudge. (*)

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