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Read the Memorandum of Defense, Zumi Zola Nangis Provisional judge asks for money back, his wife does it


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Zumi Zola did not have the power to upset her agony when she was reading a defensive sentence on Thursday (11/22/2018) or reading the Korruption Court in Jakarta.

The tears of Zumi Zola were more and more when he came to his wife, Sherrin Tharia, his two children and his parents, when he was late later.

At least, according to the former governor of Jambi, in # 34; the detention of # 39; The Corruption Evacuation Commission (KPK) has increased, something he never had.

Even Zumi Zola has denied that he was arrested by the Corruption Eradication Commission, who had completely failed his financial condition.

"I was asked to get the lightest meaning and the demand for fines that had disappeared was low," my zoo falls, "said Zumi Zola.

Not only, summoned Zumi Zola and then he demanded that the CCP did not fight the competitors in his security.

According to Zui Zola, this deputy has nothing to do with corruption cases.

The deposit, transferred to Zumi Zola, is part of the outcomes of his work as an artist, head of & # 39; the region, the gift of his father, and the rest of his studies in England.

"I have sold the revenue of my articles to help the family, some of them have saved it in security." 2015 my father refused and money money for campgrounds. There is no connection to this case, "said Zumi Zola.

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