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Rachel Vennya escapes from quarantine, Pangdam Jaya asks to speed up investigation by TNI staff who helped her


JAKARTA, – Celebrity Rachel Vennya confirmed to have escaped from health quarantine after traveling internationally from the United States.

Kapendam Jaya Colonel Herwin BS, who confirmed the truth of this case, stated that the Jaya Regional Commander Major-General Mulyo Aji ordered that the investigation process should also be carried out on workers in the health sector, security personnel, and other organizations in quarantine .

“To get maximum results as evaluation material,” Kapendam said in his statement, Wednesday (13/10/2021).

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In particular, the Pangdam Jaya ordered an investigation into a TNI person with the initial FS who was suspected of helping Rachel escape from the health quarantine.

Herwin said Pangdam Jaya requested that the investigation process be carried out as soon as possible.

According to Herwin, this should be done as an evaluation material in accordance with the Covid-19 Task Force Circular Number 18 of 2021, which stipulates that guests as residents who have just arrived from abroad must be quarantined 8×24 hours.

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Earlier, Herwin revealed that the investigation conducted by the Jaya Regional Military Command yielded the results of a temporary investigation that FS was suspected of helping Rachel escape from the health quarantine.

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It is believed that the aid has started since Rachel Vennya arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Banten from the United States.

“Currently, the Jaya Regional Military Command is in the process of investigating the news of Selebgram Rachel Vennya’s escape from quarantine at the Wisma Athlete Pademangan Hospital. The inspections are being conducted from upstream to downstream in the sense that inspections are being carried out. performed from the airport to the Wisma Pademangan RSDC, “he said.

From the results of the previous investigation, according to Herwin, there was a foundation that an individual member of the TNI committed with the initial FS non-procedural actions.

FS would have arranged Rachel to avoid the quarantine procedures she had to go through after traveling abroad.

Meanwhile, FS is tasked with securing the Covid-19 Task Force at Soekarno Hatta Airport.

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In addition, Herwin said that Rachel Vennya should not be entitled to quarantine at Wisma Atlet Pademangan.

Because Rachel is considered not to be included in the category entitled to a quarantine facility there.

“In the case of Rachel Vennya’s celebgram, it shows that the person concerned is not entitled to these provisions,” he said.

He explained that there are three criteria for residents who are entitled to quarantine facilities at Wisma Atlet Pademangan.

First, Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) who return to Indonesia and stay in Indonesia for at least 14 days.

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Second, Indonesian students after pursuing education or performing study assignments from abroad.

Third, Indonesian government employees returning to Indonesia after making official trips from abroad.

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