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Police call Ratna Sarumpaet many reading in prison


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – suspect fraud case Ratna Sarumpaet While in custody, it is said to be healthy and normal. Paulda Metrojaya. The police have done a lot of positive activity in the legitimate process of Ratna.

"Every time we check on the activities of Ratna Sarrampet, her activities are reading a lot," said Argo Yuwono, a public relations officer for police in Jakarta.

Ratna's condition in the prison is okay. Argo said the subway police had a special physician ready to check the health condition of the inmate.

"The problem is that, for example, the doctors at Metrojaya Regional Police are ready and available to doctors without question," he said.

Health check-ups are carried out regularly and professionally. In addition to Ratna 's health, Ratna' s legal procedures are also being performed in High Prosecutor 's Office.

The prosecution will process the Ratna case within 14 days and prepare to run for trial. Argo will make sure the Ratna documentation is ready to serve if any of the tests require it.

"I think we will continue to coordinate and communicate with the prosecution, and there will probably be P19, a shortage of files, areas to improve, and room for improvement," he said firmly.

Previously, Atiqah Hasiholan acknowledged that his mother, Ratna Sarumpet, was being treated by a psychiatrist last year. He claimed that his mother had become depressed over the past year.

Atiqah said on Wednesday (7/11) at the headquarters of Metro Jaya Regional Police: "My mom had been treated for a year by a psychiatrist, and she was actually depressed.

According to Atiqah, Ratna's mentality deteriorated because she was actually in custody. In addition to the limited circumstances, her mother got worse.

"It is clear that detention will certainly make mental illness worse, but everyone in detention feels pressured, but the condition has finally worsened since the former mother's condition was consulted by the doctor.

Ratna has been detained since October 5 after being named a suspect in the proliferation of fakes for persecution. He has fallen under Article 14 of the Criminal Code of 1946 and Article 28 of Article 28 of the Electronic Information Transactions Act (ITE).

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