Saturday , July 24 2021

Pinterest Plans to Get VSCO to Compete with Instagram

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Pinterset will most likely edit a photo and video application VSCO, The move may have a mission to increase Pinterest’s ability to compete with Instagram.

Discussions regarding the acquisition are likely ongoing, the source said, refusing to identify. One of the focus of the acquisition is on pricing.

Launch New York Times, Pinterest has a market capitalization of about US $ 49 billion and about Rp. 711 trillion. VSCO has also raised US $ 90 million as Rp1.3 trillion in funding and is recently valued at US $ 550 million as Rp7.9 trillion.

Currently, VSCO has 100 million users, of which more than two million are paid subscribers. With high capitalization, there are concerns that the gains will not materialize.

VSCO has not provided an official statement on the acquisition plan.

Pinterest and VSCO, short for Visual Supply Company, are part of a group of technology companies that focus heavily on digital imagery and visual editing. The two companies do not really rely on features on social networks.

Pinterest, launched in 2019, lets its users find and save images to inspire creative projects or plan important aspects of their lives, including home renovations, weddings and food.

Meanwhile, VSCO, a 10-year startup, is creating applications for editing and sharing images and videos.

Launch EngadgetJulie Inouye, a spokeswoman for VSCO, said her party is currently concentrating on expanding its business.

“We always meet at different times with different companies around the creative space and don’t talk about rumors or speculation,” he said.

On the 10th anniversary, Inouye admitted that his party is more optimistic about future opportunities and improving services to meet the growing needs of makers everywhere.

“This year we are very excited to build new ways for creators to work together, explore how makers can support themselves financially through VSCO, and of course, continue to develop our multimedia tool to simplify mobile production. devices, “he said.

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