Wednesday , March 3 2021

OPPO and Nokia Kerja Sama Lisensi Skates – The Nokia and the OPPO feature the same patches. The GSM Arena Team, Rabu (28/11), has been working on OPPO as well as developing mobile Nokia mobile devices.

This is a Nokia-based, Nokia-based mobile phone sharing tool.

"We are talking about the smartphone industry, such as those who have been working with OPPO at the same time," said Chief Legal Officer, President of Nokia Technologies, Maria Varsellona.

In addition, the OPPO, Nokia has released a list of smartphones with a smartphone smartphone, with Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

Menurut perjanjian, rencananya, Oppo bakal menggunakan hak kekayaan intelektual milik Nokia selama lima tahun.

For example, Nokia Nokia mobile phone shutter has a mobile connectivity, OPPO has gotten patches of high technology technology that can be downloaded on smartphones.

Tahun lalu, OPPO sudah mematenkan setidaknya dua desain untuk smartphone layar lipat. Kabar terkini, pabrikan asal Tiongkok itu telar resmi mendaftarkan desain smartphone layar lipat versi mereka sendiri.

Pekan, the smartphone's smartphone will be able to use the cantor patent Tiongkok, yakni SIPO. [faz]

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