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New "Online" Transportation Models | Jakarta Newspaper


A new online startup or startup company offers unique features. Rates are stated in a specific price cluster and the driver's balance is not deducted after the transaction is over.

The popularity of online transportation is increasing. With the benefits of convenience, speed, safety and affordability, the concept of online shipping has now reached the Regency city of Indonesia. And on November 10, 2018, there was a new online shipping pilot company named Bonceng to match Youth Oath Day.

This application will continue to increase the number of drivers currently only 2,000. Although new, Bonceng offers quite a few services, including Bonceng Motor, Bonceng Mobil, Bingkis package service, and Bungkus service, a special service between meals.

In the competition between two online shipping giants, Go-Jek and Grab, Bon (Bonceng) must have a competitive advantage. Recently operated applications in Jakarta and surrounding areas do not explain how to earn more and do not collect fees from each transaction the driver gets.

"At Bonceng, we provide drivers with all the fees or transaction fees for free, enough to meet the requirements to be online to receive orders," said Bonceng Faiz Noufal, founder and CEO. Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive prospective drivers are sufficient to meet the requirements for receiving orders online. All transactions that are fully acquired (100%) belong to the driver.

Regardless of the deal the driver took, Bonceng promised not to cut a rupiah. Another difference is that if the competitor's application rate is based on the distance traveled and if the demand surges, Grab raises the tariff and Bonceng already charges another fee.

The charged rate is no longer moving per kilometer, but the cluster price based on the travel distance radius grouped by rounding price. Starting at 5,000 rupiah, 10,000 rupiah, 15,000 rupiah and 20,000 rupiah. Bonceng's originality is that consumers can order pick-up services at any time during the next 7 days.

Consumers can book early according to pick-up time. A few days ago the advantage of the reservation model is that the driver is now ready to pick up at the appointed time, so you do not have to make a reservation any more and no longer have to wait for a pickup.

Panic button

One of the concerns of online shipping users is the security aspect. To protect passengers, the Bonceng application has a panic button with a bell icon that can be pressed in an emergency. "The panic button is linked to the police station, ambulance service and liaison with the nearest relative," explained Faiz.

He said that future drivers who want to join Bonceng can register at various stages. First, register through the application or pillion website. id, the driver first verifies the document and hears the report before the driver actively searches for the consumer. Currently in the driver recruitment stage, Bonceng has been used by prospective passengers since launch.

Particularly if you sign with the "Bonceng" reference code on Saturday (10/11) hero's day, Bonceng e-wallet will get a quantity of 100,000 rupiah, which is available at a discounted price for the first 20 trips. Hay / E-6

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