Wednesday , April 21 2021

New Hercules, the new ‘hero’ from LG in the standard AC brand

JAKARTA, – PT LG Electronics Indonesia (LG) announced the marketing of air conditioning devices (air conditioner–AC) latest, New Hercules, which has been positioned as the new ‘champion’ of LG in the standard AC market.

“The growth in occupancy rates has increased the need for people to have air conditioning at home. The presence of the LG New Hercules climate control provider offers an option by giving priority to large cooling capacity, yet saving electricity,” said Satrio Mulyo, product marketing manager inen solutions LG Electronics Indonesia, in a written statement, Tuesday (2/3).

At this first performance, said Satrio Mulyo, the LG New Hercules AC is available in a ½ PK variant with a power requirement of 370 watts. The air conditioner of LG New Hercules is special because of its cooling capacity of 5,000 British thermal units (BTU). With the highest cooling capacity, LG AC is the champion of low-power air conditioners, but has the highest cooling capacity in its class.

Furthermore, Satrio Mulyo argued that this advantage in cooling capacity is important because it is directly related to the ability of an air conditioner to cover a large room with cool air. Although the same was introduced in the ½ PK variant, it does not necessarily mean that all have the same cooling capacity.

He said he did not pay attention to the information related to the cooling capacity mentioned in the BTU unit, which according to him often caused dissatisfaction of users. “The difference in cooling capacity makes an air conditioner sometimes feel less cold than others, although the same is true for the ½ PK variant, for example. This is what causes inconvenience to users,” said Satrio Mulyo.

Speaking of attention to user comfort, the LG New Hercules air conditioner has a feature Turbo Cooling, Strongly implied in its name, this feature is useful for accelerating the cooling of the room with just one button.

Adding comfort, this LG climate controller is also designed with the fullness of the R32 compressor specifically used for the R32 Freon. Aside from being considered safer in terms of the risk of burns, Freon R32 has a reputation as the most environmentally friendly friend today. “With all the benefits it has, the LG New Hercules air conditioner is ready to be the best option in its class,” said Han Changmin, Product Director Air Solution PT LG Electronics Indonesia.

In terms of design, the LG New Hercules AC comes with a more modern shape. This can be seen by using the LED panel on the AC body that functions to display information about temperature degrees. In addition, LG also designs forms remote control on this air conditioner becomes slimmer.

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