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Never lose to avoid canyons. FAJAR –


FAJAR.CO.ID, PALEMBANG – In other words about Sriwijaya FC, he will win the match against Barito Putera tonight (12/11). To compete in the Jakabaring Sriwijaya Stadium (GSJ), a team with the nickname Laskar Wong Kito must be the capital needed to earn enough points. Or disassembly will be severe.

Sriwijaya FC is in an important position. Currently Laskar Wong Kito is not in the red zone. However, they have points like the PS Tira and the PSMS Medan, which are in the down zone residents with 33 points. Because Sriwijaya is superior to the productivity goals that can be more than two Red Zone teams.

In order to secure status, Sriwijaya FC must inevitably acquire a full point today for Barito Putera in Jakabaring. Unfortunately, the Alfredo Vera team lost 3 goals without an answer from Persela Lamongan (2/11).

Besides, Sriwijaya can not exert the greatest power. The two pillars of Alberto Goncalves and Zulfiandi are still guarding the Indonesian national team. Midfielders M. Ridwan and Syrian Abimanyu were not able to fall due to injuries.

Alfedo Vera coach has reduced the team's strengths, but he is confident that his team will still perform optimally. Also, his team took a week's rest after a fight with Lamongan.

"They (Barito Putera) will find a way to make us difficult, so we focus on anticipating their movements, most importantly, because players can develop their own games, "Said former Peržebaya Surabaya coach.

This condition is not much different from Barito Putera's experience. Because they joined the national team, they lost three pillars. Among them are Rizky Pora, Gavin Kwan Adsit and Hansamu Yama. Douglas Packer was absent due to accumulation of cards.

Due to this condition, Jacksen F. Tiago was not worried. PS Brazilian national team coach Tira (5/11), who won 3-1, was able to predict the vacancy of the team. "There are absences, but I have no problems, and we plan with the existing data."

"One problem for the team this season is losing focus at the last minute of the game, we've got it all in place, our goal is still the same and put Barito in a more respectable position," Jacksen said.

5 recent meetings

6/8/18: Barito Putera 3-1 Sriwijaya

10/09/17: Barito Putera 2-0 Sriwijaya

05/13/17: Sriwijaya 3-2 Barito Putera

02/13/17: 2-1 Sriwijaya Barito Putera

11/28/16: 2-2 Sriwijaya Barito Putera

5 Sriwijaya's recent games

11/2/18: Persela 3-0 Sriwijaya

10/29/18: Sriwijaya 4-0 Perseru Serui

23/10/18: PSIS Sema and 1-0 Suriwiza

10/18/18: Suriwiza 0-3 PSMS

12/10/18: Bhayangkara 2-0 Sriwijaya

Barito Putera's last 5 games

05/11/18: Barito Putera 3-1 PS TIRA

30/10/18: Persija 3-0 Barito Putera

23/10/18: Persela 2-1 Barito Putera

10/19/18: Baritou Putera 0-0 Perseuli

10/13/18: PSIS Semarang and 1-0 Barito Putera

The player's expected placement

Sriwijaya FC (4-4-2): Teja Paku Alam; Achmad Faris, Alan Henrique, Goran Gancev, Jeki Arisandi; Yoo Hyun-koo, Esteban Vizkara, Robbie Andyka, M. Redan; M. Nur Iskandar, Rizky Ramadhana

Coach: Alfredo Vera

Barito Putera (4-3-3): M. Riyandi; Nizar Nurzaidin, Dandi Maulana, Aaron Evans, Roni Beroperay; M. Raffi, Ady Setiawan, Matias Cordoba; Samsul Arif, Marcel Sacramento, Fajar Handika

Director: Jacksen F. Tiago

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