Thursday , January 20 2022

Nature of Indonesia BMW and Mini Buyers


TANGERANG, – BMW and Mini are very familiar European brand in the Indonesian society. The model also features a wide range of BMWs ranging from sedans to SUVs (sport utility vehicles), with more Mini features a 3-5 door hatchback.

Jodie O 'Tania, vice president of corporate communications at BMW Group Indonesia, explained consumer characters in the past to buy more cash, but the change has begun in recent years.

Jodie said Tuesday (November 13, 2011) in BSD in Tangerang: "Both credit and cash have changed.

Jodie said that the composition of BMW and Mini buyers who paid 50 percent of the cash contributed 50 percent, not just the credit.

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Jodi said that it is not just because of the lower purchasing power, but because consumers are more diversified than those offered by the two brands.

BMW Indonesia launches the first BMW X2.Special BMW Indonesia launches the first BMW X2.

"A wide range of facilities is available to consumers from fixtures to light advancement, and as a result, many people buy with credit so they can keep their composition balanced," Jodie said again.

Each model, Jodie continues to have different buyer characters. In fact, every BMW and mini model in the country is well adapted to the needs and desires of people.

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