Friday , May 7 2021

Muchsin Kamal, the arms dealer to the attacker at police headquarters

KOMPAS.TV – Densus 88 has arrested Muchsin Kamal, a kind of arms dealer air pants used by ZA in attack on police headquarters. Muchsin Kamal is a former terrorist convicted in Aceh in 2010.

Densus 88 Anti Terror arrested a sort of gun dealer air pants used by ZA, the perpetrator of the attack at the National Police headquarters last Wednesday (31/03/2021).

Alias ​​Muchsin Kamal Imam Muda was arrested in Syiah Kuala District, Banda Aceh.

The weapons used by ZA were presumably given in a online by Muchsin Kamal.

Muchsin Kamal is a former convict related to the 2010 Jantho Aceh terrorism case.

Earlier, the National Police Headquarters stated that the weapon used by ZA in the attack on the National Police Chief was a weapon air pants 4.5 millimeter caliber.

The national police chief referred to the attack carried out by ZA on the headquarters of the national police as an act of Lone Wolf whose ideology was ISIS.

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