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Most affected by the fall in CPO's price


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The price of pink palm oil (CPO) is on the international market. Based on data on the Malaysian Derivative Exchange, CPO price dropped 3.52% to MYR 1,972 / tonne on & # 39; Monday trading (11/26/2018).

The downfall of this amount was the first of mid-February of last year. The illegal conditions in the international market do not doubt the country.

Oilfields on small-scale settlement, especially independent small-scale merchants who do not make a partner, are the hardest hit. About the price of fresh fruit bunnies (FFB) made by their gardens was injured by no buyers.

Pans of palm oil (PKS) are still full of flags export. Oversupply occurs.

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General President of the Palm Oil Farmers Union (SPKS) Mansuetus Darto has the real price of the FFB on farming business on & # 39; currently rp 1.100 / kg for small holders (whose partner with companies) and Rp 600 / kg for an independent small carrier.

"The prices on the field are today's North Sumatra, Jambi and East Kalimantan," said Darto to the Indonesian Palm Oil Farmers National Consultative Meeting in Jakarta on Wednesday (11/28/2018). The price is then sure of the FFB-reference price that is set by the regional government in each province within the framework of Rp 1,200-1,400 / kg.

The director of plantations at the Ministry of Agriculture Bambang gave it. Even from farmers' fees, there are also FFBs buying at a price of Rp 500 / kg.

"Therefore, we ask for consistency, in the lack of levies [ekspor], so the industry can guarantee to buy the FFB of people for the price that was set by the governor in each county, "said Bambang.

For information, the government has decided to endorse a temporary zero on former CPO export services of $ 50 / ton and derivative products. The motion is expected to stimulate export to return to excitement and return to normal conditions. Thus, the FFB's farmers are reintroduced.

Bambang also assured that administrative sanctions would be any local government for companies who refused to buy FFB according to the provincial reference weapons.

Most affected by the fall in CPO's pricePhoto: The Important Find / Country Destination for Indonesian Palm Oil Exit January to August 2018 / Aristya Rahadian Krisabella

The second problem that is a concern for an independent small trader, is the legality of land. Darto said that 4 million hectares were not confirmed by a total of 5.5 million hectares or 70 percent of all land-planning land in the whole of Indonesia.

"Not only a farmer, but almost all independent farmers have no certificates of the country, the problem is the costly cost of upgrading to Rp 3.5 million hectares, for farmers, why they make land certifications Darto.

In & # 39; t is the legality of land in & # 39; Ownership Rights (SHM) is an absolute requirement for farmers to receive ISPO (Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil) certification. By having ISPO certification, FFBs of independent small tradesmen are more assured to buy and apply in PPO.

Note that certification of palm products that has been sustainably processed is a requirement that RI CPO products are accepted in the export market, in particular the European Union. Darto hope, with the shop price you're currently falling off, President Jokowi can intervene.

The truce is to reinforce the Ministry of Agricultural and Spatial Plans (ATR) / State Land Agency (BPN) to sell country certificates to independent small holders.

Most affected by the fall in CPO's pricePhoto: Infographics / Palm Oil / Edward Ricardo

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