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Miris's 8-year-old boy was executed by a friend and burned and drank his urine.


Miris's 8-year-old boy was executed by a friend and burned and drank his urine.

BANGKAPOS.COM, MEDAN – A child with an initial MAS of 8 years is a victim of persecution by his playmate at Jalan Pam Balan Semelur Mosque on Tuesday (11/06/2018) Tuesday (11/06/2018) Nurul Jalal Mosque, just behind Tanjungbalai City Has been.

The victim was instructed to swallow a friend's urine, and the left leg of the victim was burned with gasoline, burned, and burned.

This boy with an initial MAS is suffering from a small house rented by his family.

This was the first day that MAS was treated at his home after being treated at Djoelham Hospital Tanjungbalai on Wednesday (11/07/2018).

The persecution began last Tuesday (June 11, 2014). MAS was playing with three friends around the age of 10.

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Victim of persecution
Park Victims (Tribune Medan)

MAS told his friend to drink urine from a mineral bottle. He refused, but the victim still cheated three friends by calling the contents of a bottle of mineral water sweets.

After drinking a friend's urine, MAS laughed at the two friends he was watching.

The assailant who told MAS to ask for his urine instead of stopping there also poured fuel from the gasoline bottle that the victim had.

Unfortunately, after the victim died using fuel, the perpetrator lit the victim's trousers.

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The son of the victim of persecution
Sacrifice of Peace (Tribune Medan)

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